Organ artist, Conductor

He started his musical studies in the Béla Bartók Conservatory of Budapest and graduated in organ artist and teacher from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in 1983. His teachers were Endre Virágh and Ferenc Gergely.

In 1983 in the 2nd International Franz Liszt Organ Contest, he qualified for the finals, and for the most outstanding interpretation of Liszt’s works he won the special prize of the Cziffra Foundation. In 1985 he spent 6 months in Belgium with the scholarship from the ’Royal Conservatoire’, Liege.

Performing career
In 1986 as a tribute for the festive year of Liszt he played the Master’s all organ works. In 1990 in memorial of the centenary of Cesar Franck’s death he played the great French composer’s all works composed for organ.
He performs regularly in Hungary and abroad, Bach, Franck, Liszt, Reger, Mendelssohn, Brahms and the contemporary Hungarian and French organ works can be named as his repertoire’s spine.
Between 1999-2018 he is the conductor and musical director of the Parish Church of Budapest.
Between 1993-2005 he is the director of the Kapisztrán Choir of Országúti Ferencesek Church /’Franciscan Church by the road’/
Since the 4th decade, for now, he does regular church music service for the St. Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest and contributes in the Hungarian National Philharmonics’ concerts.

Teaching career
From 1981 to 1993 he teaches organ in the National Music School of Salgótarján.
Currently, he is a teacher of the ELTE-Savaria University Centre Music Pedagogy Institution, academic teacher.

2012 Major Hungarian National Prize for Outstanding Artistic Work
2001 Ferenc Liszt Prize and Pro-Civibus Prize tribute to his artistic career

International guest performances
Europe, Mexico, Estonia, England and USA

Solo CD recordings
1996 The Complete Organ Works of Ferenc Liszt 5 CDs
1997 The Complete Organ Works of Zoltán Kodály 1 CD
1998 Masterpieces in MOLL 1 CD
Organ Music for Christmas 1 CD
1999 ‘Laudatio Musicae Pro’ 1 CD
The Complete Organ Works of Cesar Franck 3 CDs
2000 ‘Classical Hits for’ 1 CD
2001 Selected Hungarian Organ Works 2 CDs
2003 The Complete Organ Works of J.S. Bach I-II. 2 CDs
2004 The Complete Organ Works of J.S. Bach III. 1 CD
2005 The Complete Organ Works of J.S.Bach IV. 1 CD
2006 The Complete Organ Works of J.S.Bach V. 1 CD
2008 Hommage a Bach 1 CD
Franz Liszt: Missa Solennis Vaticano variant 1 DVD
2009 István Koloss: Hungaria Vivat Oratory 1 DVD
Ruggiero Leoncavallo: Requiem 1 CD