Solti Chamber Orchestra


Solti Chamber Orchestra

The orchestra consists of young musicians graduated from Franz Liszt Music Academy, was established by Franciska Puskásné Ispán in 1998 in order to tribute the memory of the legendary Hungarian directors, György Solti’s.

The Solti Chamber Orchestra has performed many great success concerts in the last years, mostly with Tamás Vásáry’s and Jurij Simonov’s conducting. Such soloist partners were welcomed as Ruggerio Ricci, Ilona Tokody, Éva Marton, Miklós Perényi, Zoltán Kocsis, Kristóf Baráti, Miklós Malek, Andrea Malek, Szilvia Kárászy, etc. They assign the tribute centenary concert in the Opera House for Annie Fischer.

Further goals of the orchestra are to facilitate the popularity of the Hungarian classical music art, its works and composers both nationally and internationally, and as well to preserve the tradition of the string orchestra culture. The orchestra regularly invites young soloist contributors, embraces and supports outstanding and gifted children to have opportunities for concert attendance. Often the aim, that introducing Hungarian music with the wide audience, manifests in charity for high schools students and hospital doctors and nurses in Budapest.

They regularly have concerts at the Stephanie Palace, performed at the Marble Room of the Hungarian Radio, at the Music Academy, and the Hungarian State Opera.

Since 2018 they constantly contribute to the Gala Concerts at the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

The current membership of the orchestra consists of famous artists graduated from the Franz Liszt Music University. During the last years, it has become part of the Hungarian music life, and it proves its main goal with its professional standards: the fidelity for Maestro Solti’s musical heritage.