Our performances and events can be attended with a valid ticket.
Everyone may attend events at their own risk.

Cathedral Organ Concerts reserves the right to change the date, program and cast of its events, as well as to cancel events in their entirity.

No tickets may be returned for a refund or exchanged for a different ticket, regardless of whether they were purchased in person or online. Tickets will solely be refunded in case of cancelled events.

Replacement of misplaced, destroyed or damaged tickets is not possible.

It is not recommended for children less than primary school age 6 years to Attend our concerts.
Our hostess staff may ask children and those accompanying them to leave the performance area if a child disturbs concert visitors by his/her behaviour or boisterousness.

Hostess personnel may call upon a viewer who disturbs a show or its enjoyment by others by talking or loud behaviour to leave the performance area. The use of mobile phones and other devices that disturb the event is not permitted during events.

Upon the express request of the audience services officer security staff will accompany such visitor(s) out of the performance area, and initiate police and/or legal action if they deem it necessary.

Recording images or sound at concerts, performances and events with any device whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

Let us express our preliminary gratitude to You, our esteemed visitors, for your cooperation. We hope to see You at our events!